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We have partnered with Open Doors in Norwalk, CT to maximize our ability to get socks to people in need. Open Doors is a resource that serves over 1500 homeless people throughout the greater Norwalk area. They do an amazing job helping their ‘neighbors’.

When I first visited Open Doors, I was immediately impressed by the sense of community that you feel throughout their facilities. Open Doors is not just a shelter, it’s a place where people can gather to grow and thrive together. It almost feels like a small town. The staff is excellent and they all offer so much to help the people they serve. I had the privilege of touring many different classrooms and support groups where people can find job opportunities and hopefully move towards better and happier lives. They also have an excellent kitchen that provides essential food throughout the day.

Open Doors uses its food, clothing, and cash donations effectively, which is why I knew they were the perfect partner for moosox. I was able to see their community closet, which resembles a clothing store, except everything is free! They have such a wide range of clothing items to offer, and it felt like anybody could find something they needed in there. Open Doors is such a wonderful place that does so much for so many people, and I feel so grateful to be able to make an impact there....and boy, do they they need sox!

For nearly 40 years, Open Doors has been a resource for people dealing with poverty and homelessness in the greater Norwalk area. With the support of our community, we help our neighbors on the path to housing stability.

Why Are We Here?

One simple reason: To help others find their path in life.​

We’re not a destination. We’re a foundation to build on.

We welcome clients with open arms

By offering them the resources they need to recover,

The tools they need to change,

And the confidence they need to stick to the plan.

At the heart of a welcoming community, we draw from every corner

To help people discover their individual purpose and power.

To take control of their future.

To navigate from needing shelter to owning success.

We are here to inspire, support, and guide.

But the strength is theirs.

The pride is theirs.

The path belongs to them.

We'd love to have you learn more, get involved - hope to see you soon!

Volunteer Opportunities

Open Doors runs multiple programs that have ongoing volunteer needs. In order to help prevent transmission of COVID-19, we are slowly phasing in volunteer opportunities and having all volunteers schedule their spots in advance. Please contact us if you’re interested in volunteering with these programs or if you’d like to be notified when other programs like our kitchen open to volunteers.

There’s a particular need for volunteers who speak Spanish or Haitian Creole, from basic skills to fluent speakers.

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